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I am a long time patient of Lisa’s.  I recently had occasion to work with her using a new tool she offers called Psych-K.  I tried this new approach to address long-standing issues dating back to my childhood that had failed to yield to years of expert conventional psychotherapy – issues that had significantly limited my full potential.  To my surprise, working with Lisa using this new tool was absolutely transformational.  I now find – almost a year later – that I still live in a state of greater ease; happier, more peaceful, more focused, more creative, more balanced than I ever felt prior to my work with Lisa.  And all of this was achieved in just two sessions Lisa. 
I highly recommend Lisa to anyone who is seeking relief from longstanding emotional issues. LIsa’s work in this field is exceptional.
I was amazed by how quickly Lisa helped me.  In just a few sessions I felt not only physically better but my anxiety was dramatically reduced. She was extremely easy to work with, got to the heart of the issue quickly and efficiently and I learned a great deal. I was initially skeptical of the Psych-K approach – but blown away by its effectiveness.  I would highly recommend the center and especially Lisa.
Our first session was really eye opening and I was truly amazed at how quickly and efficiently the techniques had worked. I was taken aback at the sense of relief I felt immediately upon leaving her office. I continued to have that feeling throughout the following weeks and every time a challenge  came up in my day to day, the sense of peace I had felt in her office was always a reach away. I cannot thank Lisa enough for all her help, it has truly been life changing for me, and I highly recommend it.
I was so apprehensive, so suspicious of this venture, but even more tired, sad and exasperated of how I WAS. The gamble to try Emotional Repatterning turned out to be life-changing. I’ve never had relapses or hesitations about the permanency of the work that we did. I often think about the efficacy and short time it took to change accumulative, debilitating thoughts and patterns. I now have an amazing view, balance and perspective on life in general and more specifically, a profound appreciation of the magnificent bond I have with my husband of 21 years, a joyful understanding of my role as a parent  and an enthusiasm for a prospering new business. Take the path that will allow you to share your life’s gifts with the world.
Montreal Emotional Repatterining techniques

In a few words I would say, that Lisa practically changed my life around.

Her sessions are very precise, convincing, very clear and truthful to the emotions. It didn’t take me more than a few sessions to “repattern me”, my way of thinking, my emotions, and it helped me transition into a calmer and happier mindset, through which my relationships with other changed drastically.


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