Free talk: Emotional Repatterning

Montreal Emotional Repatterining techniques

Come join me for a free talk on how to address depression, anxiety, sadness, grief, mood swings, anger – and all those pesky emotions!

Monday, October 7th at 7pm, Outremont

We’re human and we all have them – emotions that get in the way of us showing up the way we want in our lives – with our kids, partners, parents, colleagues. Or, maybe worse, we show up the way we want, but suppress everything and it eats at us from the inside. Does any of this sound familiar?

Please join me for this session and I will teach you how to use tapping, known as the Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT). This is an extremely effective tool you can use “in the moment,” when you feel overwhelmed.

I will also explain and give a demonstration (using a volunteer) of PSYCH-K, a technique I use daily with patients that often delivers miraculous results. With PSYCH-K, we get at underlying subconscious limiting beliefs (we all havethem)which are often the ROOT of the problems – and work to change them. Its quick and painless. By shifting these deep, old beliefs and patterns, many issues change on the surface – kind of like rolling one bowling ball and hitting twelve pins.

I frequently receive emails from patients who come for only 2 or 3 sessions and tell me how amazingly better they feel.

Seating is limited, the session will last about 2 hours. If you’re interested, please RSVP how many people you will be to:

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Here are a few testimonials from my patients:

“I hope I can articulate how incredible this experience has been for me because it was actually life changing. Lisa suggested I try Emotional Repatterning during a regular homeopathy follow up session with her, and even though I didn’t fully understand what it entailed, I trust her so much that I decided to try. I’ve suffered from anxiety most of my life. Our first session was really eye opening and I was truly amazed at how quickly and effectively the technique worked. I felt a sense of relief immediately, and every time a challenge came up in my day to day life, the sense of peace I felt in her office was always a reach away…..” C.C.

“In a few words, I would say that Lisa practically changed my life around. It didn’t take more than a few sessions to “repattern” me, my way of thinking, my emotional response to situations, making me into a calmer and happier person. My relationships with others in my life have changed dramatically as a result. She often puts me back on my feet, with only one session.” H.F.

“I thought about doing Emotional Repatterning with Lisa for months after she suggested it. I related to the descriptions of “limiting beliefs” and “negative thinking,” and was yearning for the change she described and the sense of peace from recycling the same old attempts over and over on my own, while simultaneously thinking that I am a health-care professional, a university graduate, a wife, a mother, who’s held down responsible jobs – so why can’t I just get past these few recurring issues which are getting larger and larger and harder to deal with and overcome? After 7 sessions over a 4month period (the optimist I am thought it would take only 3!), I now have: 1. an amazing view, balance and perspective on life in general, and, more specifically, 2. a profound appreciation of the magnificent bond I have with my husband of 21 years and my best friend of 32 years, 3. a light, cheerful and joyful understanding of my role as a parent in the lives of 2 wonderful sons (I didn’t always describe them that way!), and 4. an enthusiasm and sense of adventure for a prospering new business.

I was so apprehensive and suspicious of trying PSYCH-K, but even more tired, sad and exasperated of how I WAS. The gamble to try it turned out to be life changing. I’ve never had relapses or hesitations about the permanency of the work we did. And I often think about the efficacy and short time it took to change accumulated, debilitating thoughts and patterns. Don’t stay stuck because there was a storm! Take the path that will allow you to share your life’s gifts with the world… there was only one YOU ever created to do what you need to do. Make it the best you can be.” J.P.


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