Labor & After Birth – How Homeopathy Can Help!

Homeopathy is a wonderful option for helping soon-to-be moms keep their labor progressing, and for new moms to get comfortable after delivery.


Remedies during Labor:

When the much-anticipated moment finally arrives and we go into labor, occasionally things don’t progress as smoothly as hoped. Here are a few tried and true remedies to encourage a smoother labor.

Caulophyllum:  Apprehension, irritability, nervous excitement, irregular/ineffective contractions, failure to dilate.

Chamomilla: Extremely sensitive/intolerant to pain, irritable and cross, failure to dilate.

Cimicifuga: Gloomy, morose mood, doubts and fears about ability to continue, stalled labor, weak contractions, failure to dilate.

Gelsemium: Fear anticipating the delivery, shivering, weakness, chills, apathetic mood, labor pains felt in low back.

Kali-carb: Chills with the contractions and very painful back labor.

PulsatillaEmotional/moody/weepy, strong need for affection and emotional support ,intolerance to warm room/heat, desires open air or fan, short, irregular contraction, slow dilation. Low thirst.

Nux-vomica:  Urging for stool or urination with contractions, irritable mood, wants to be left alone, chilly.


Remedies After Birth:

The miracle of birth is often accompanied by what are called after-pains… contractions of the uterus that follow in the days after delivery.

 Arnica:  Arnica should be administered immediately after delivery and taken every 4-6 hours for the next few days to manage pain, bleeding, bruising and swelling. It can be miraculous in healing all trauma to the area!

Belladonna:  When uterine pains come on suddenly and disappear with equal suddenness.  General heatin the body.

Bryonia:  If the after-pains are worsened by the least motion, as in taking a deep breath or riding in a car.

Chamomilla:  The pains are very distressing – almost unbearable.  The new mom is in a very irritable mood and cannot be pleased.

Coffea:  The mom is sleepless – wide awake and restless– and the pain is most distressing – she feels it very acutely.

Ignatia:  Much sighing and sadness with the pains. Baby blues.

Nux vomica: Aching and cramping pains.  Every pain causes an inclination to have a stool.  Patient is excessively irritable and chilly.

Pulsatilla:  In mild, tearful temperaments. Pains grow worse towards evening. No thirst with bad taste in the mouth.  Feels better with the window open or with a fan.

Rhus tox:  Pains are worse at night with restlessness and are better with heat and from changing position.

Sepia:  A constant sense of a weight or downward pressure in the rectum or vagina. Chilliness and irritability.  Might have difficulty bonding with the newborn.

Sulphur:  Flushes of heat and weakness, feet often burning hot, particularly in the soles. Thirsty.


Enjoy your newborn!

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