Heartburn During Pregnancy

Heartburn During Pregnancy

Heartburn is a common complaint during pregnancy – particularly during the third trimester..It occurs when the valve between the stomach and the esophagus does not close properly and stomach acid exits the stomach entering the esophagus. During pregnancy, hormone fluctuations can cause the valve to relax, contributing to an increase in the frequency of heartburn. The growing fetus can also intensify pressure on the stomach, increasing the amount of stomach acid that leaks back to the esophagus.

Happily – homeopathy can really help!

Here are five homeopathic remedies often found helpful for women suffering with heartburn during pregnancy:

Arsenicum album: An expectant mom might want to think of this homeopathic remedy when they find themselves with burning pains in the stomach region and the sensation that food and drink was lodged in the esophagus.  They may feel more distress from eating fruit, acidic foods and drinks and from eating ice.  Paradoxically, despite burning pains, warm drinks make the person feel better.  Typically, someone needing Arsenicum is chilly, anxious, restless and weak – and also tends to feel worse after midnight, often to 2:00AM.  They are thirsty – but only for sips of fluids. They feel better from warmth and lying down with the head raised.

Lycopodium: A remedy that’s very common with digestive problems.

The pregnant mom will feel that she can only eat small meals before becoming overly full. And then, she gets hungry very quickly after eating! Generally the energy, and heartburn, is worse in the late afternoon, between 4-8pm. Everything feels worse in a warm room, and is better walking around outside in fresh air. The heartburn is often goes up to the throat and is better from a warm drink. The mood may be more irritable than normal.

Mercurius sol: A woman needing this remedy would typically experience heartburn that lasts all night.  They often complain of frequent hiccoughs as well as belching that is burning and sour tasting.  The pain in the stomach is, like Arsenicum, burning in nature.  A person needing this remedy will have an intense thirst, usually for cold drinks,despite the fact that their mouth seems to have too much saliva. The burning pains in the stomach are often much worse when lying on the right side.  The expectant mom may also notice that she’s sweating at night in bed.

Nux vomica:A person needing this remedy is generally easy to spot.  They are much more irritable and cranky than normal and they’re chillier than normal.  Burps are sour or bitter, often with the mom-to-be feeling a great urging to burb, but cannot!  The belching and heartburn is often worse in the morning before eating – particularly after 4:00 am. Starchy foods can particularly aggravate.  The stomach region may also be sensitive to pressure.

Pulsatilla:  An expectant mom needing this homeopathic remedy often has a mild, yielding, or good-natured disposition. She can also be someone very sentimental or emotional. Often there will be much belching of gas with a reflux of liquid that has a bad taste and/or smell of food. It can be bitter and sour, and happen particularly in the evening.  A person needing this remedy is often thirstless except at meal time.   They also tend to be uncomfortable in a warm room – preferring cool open air.  They can be worse when lying down.

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