Grieving and Finding It Hard to Recover? Homeopathy Can Help

Grief is a normal response to the death of a loved one – parent, spouse, pet or God-forbid a child, the breakup of a love relationship, etc. It’s been written that there are stages to the process – from shock and denial to depression and finally acceptance. Dreary January weather (for most of us) and post-holiday blues combined can make for a rough time of year.


It’s really important to realize that the mourning process is normal, almost always painful, and very necessary to go through to sustain good mental, emotional and physical health.  And it takes time – so be patient with yourself. I have found in my almost 20 years of practice that homeopathy can help those who grieve and then get stuck in an unyielding depressive state.  The Emotional Freedom Technique can also be a fabulous way to shift stuck patterns related with grief and disappointment.

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Here are a few of the remedies most often called for in these situations:


Ignatia:  There is perhaps no homeopathic remedy more often indicated in a case of acute, recent grief than Ignatia.  At times referred to as the “sighing remedy”, people needing this remedy tend to be markedly sad and disposed to silent grieving.  They may cry a great deal, great big sobs even – and are often found sighing with marked regularity.  These patients typically prefer to grieve alone and also tend to be quite moody, often feeling disappointed and angry with their circumstances.  Ignatia patients may have contradictory symptoms (ie, a sore throat which feels better from swallowing food).


Natrum muriaticum:  This homeopathic remedy places a close second to Ignatia for the number of times it is called on for those struggling with grief.  Those needing this remedy are often quite melancholy and weep often, like a Pulsatilla patient – but unlike those needing Pulsatilla, Natrum muriaticum patients generally avoid consolation of any kind.  Attempts at consolation are often rejected with anger or embarrassment.  People needing this remedy often feel worse from 10-11:00AM and have a great aversion to being in the heat of the sun.  They often have a strong craving for salty food.


Staphisagria:  This remedy is often needed after the break-up of a relationship, especially where the patient feels wronged or rejected. Buried beneath the grief there can be a lot of anger, which is often suppressed. These people are very sensitive to injustice in general and can erupt in a fit of rage if pushed too far, though the majority of the time, they are exceptionally kind and polite people on the outside. They are profoundly affected by being disappointed. As an aside, women often benefit from this remedy if they are susceptible to urinary tract infections after sex, unrelated to grief.

The most important thing to know about grief is that, for most people, the heartache will settle into a place of acceptance with the passage of time. Intervention (homeopathic, EFT, counseling, etc) should be considered when that natural process gets stuck.


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