Five Remedies to Consider for Your Fussy Newborn

If you’ve ever raised or are raising a fussy newborn – you understand what an ordeal that is for the baby and the parents! Exhausting is one word that comes to mind. Exasperating is another.  There seems to be only temporary solutions to soothe your baby!


Have you ever noticed how so many babies are born in the Spring? A wonderful result of planning parenthood! So about now, at the 3-month mark, if it hasn’t happened already, trouble can start to occur. Is it colic? Is it reflux? What’s the difference? Colic is generally thought of as a crampy abdomen of uncertain origin. It results in fussing, crying and restlessness and is worse at the “witching hour” of 5pm. It is often very hard to soothe the baby. Reflux seems to be an “epidemic” lately, its almost rare to hear of a baby who has not gotten this diagnosis from their pediatrician! The baby seems to be in pain during or after feedings, is worse when lying down, appears to swallow a lot, and often regurgitates some of what was just eaten.

Interestingly, both of these issues usually occur in otherwise healthy babies who are gaining appropriate weight, and they usually resolve on their own by the baby’s first birthday. But until then, it can be a tough ride for all.

Incredibly – some babies with these diagnoses are often prescribed powerful drugs like Zantac (nicknamed “Baby Zantac” which sounds much cuter) that doctors often give to adults with chronic digestive issues.  Maybe it would be better to start with a more natural approach…..

I know you won’t be surprised when I tell you that very often, Homeopathy can help!  The correct homeopathic remedy will relieve the child quickly, and permanently, in a safe, effective and GENTLE fashion.

The key to getting a great outcome with homeopathy comes from matching the characteristic symptoms of the little patient to those of the remedy.  Characteristic symptoms are often the ones that are particularly intense or peculiar, ie, not common symptoms.  Be a good detective and you can often do much for your troubled little one and manage to get some sleep.

Here are a few possible remedies to consider:

  • Chamomilla: Child is very irritable, miserable and hard to please. Must be carried and will not tolerate being put down. Distress after nursing. Sleepless. When they do sleep they sometimes jerk the limbs. Very thirsty. Better from heat on the belly.
  • Colocynthis: The child writhes in every possible direction, doubles herself up and seems in great distress, crying very hard. Hard pressure directly on the abdomen seems to relieve. Pain comes in waves.
  • Lycopodium: Pain and fussiness is worse in the late afternoon, often between 4-8pm. The baby’s temperament is often very demanding and bossy (not an easy going baby in general). Appetite is small, wants to eat a small amount, often. Can have attacks of hiccoughing. Worse from pressure on the stomach.
  • Mag-phos: Pain much better from heat and pressure. Lots of gas, better bending over or flexing legs. Pain generally worse 3-4pm. Worse lying on the back, stretched out.
  • Nux vomica: Much digestive distress, often with constipation. The child cries often, draws its feet up and kicks them out again, or arches backward. May be worse after mother eats spicy or stimulating food. Very irritable disposition. Baby often has cold hands or feet. Very common choice. Better from heat on the belly.

As homeopathy is given in micro-doses, it is very safe for babies, with no side-effects or toxicity, as the remedies are all made from natural substances (plants, minerals, etc).

If you recognize your baby in a remedy description above, try to get it in a 200c or 30c potency and give one pellet directly in the mouth (or dilute it in water, stir a few times and give a few drops from a dropper). If you choose the “wrong” remedy nothing bad will happen as there will be no effect at all. If your baby reacts positively, repeat again only if the symptoms return.

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