Emotionally Stuck? Help Beyond Homeopathy!

I love homeopathy, which is no surprise to any of you.  Why?


Because the right remedy can bring about such swift and sweet relief from pain, grief, sore throats, headaches, PMS, eczema… the list is long and varied. The majority of you who have taken well-prescribed remedies, and who may even have small remedy kits at home and regularly give remedies to family and friends, know what I’m referring to.


Over my many years in practice though (alomst 20!), I have found that sometimes even the best remedies do not help too much with patients who are “emotionally stuck.”


What do I mean by stuck? I’m talking about many of us who have chronic, unrelenting anxiety, guilt, depression, repetitive thoughts about past or possible future events. Or certain negative patterns of thinking that we have about ourselves or people we are in relationship with that are destructive to our peace of mind, happiness and success.


Does this strike a chord?


Having worked deeply with patients on these subjects for many years, I have developed an ability to sense and hear the underlying limiting patterns that keep so many of us stuck, and have incorporated specific tools to help patients address these destructive thought patterns.


In the last 10 years, there have been numerous scientific studies published on the ability of the brain to learn new patterns of thinking. It’s all related to a concept called neuroplasticity. In a nutshell, a good analogy is this: if we walk on the same path in the woods day after day to get from point A to point B, after many years that path becomes well-trodden. Without even thinking about it, we automatically default to walking on that same path to get to point B as it’s familiar and the path is well-known. If one day there is a storm and many trees fall and block that path, we would decide to walk a different way. Initially that will take intention and thought, figuring out the new best way to get to point B (or maybe we even decide we no longer want to go to point B, that point C is much more interesting!). The first few times we walk a new way, we have to create the path through the underbrush by deciding to do so – it’s no longer an unconscious habit to get there. We CREATE the new path with conscious intention. After some time, the new path (new way of thinking) becomes habit and the old path becomes forest again.


Limiting beliefs (i.e., fears, anxieties, feelings of unworthiness, lack of self-love/respect, pessimism, comments parents or teachers made when we were kids that we still believe deep down….) are stored in our sub-conscious, just out of reach of the reasoning mind. Even though we KNOW certain facts about ourselves (we deserve success, we are good people, we are safe, we have enough), the beliefs we hold below the surface of our awareness sabotage our best efforts at happiness and peace of mind.


I’m a certified practitioner of three tools that I use with patients to change stressful patterns of thinking and limiting beliefs: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Psych-K and Theta Healing. Each of these tools uniquely helps us identify subconscious thought patterns and beliefs and enables us to change them quickly.


I’m a big fan of “talk therapy” because it often leads to a much greater understanding of why and how we got to this place of suffering. But I also know from talking to hundreds of patients, that despite an increased understanding of their problems, many people still find it hard to change. That’s why these tools are a great complement – they provide what’s often missing – the action step. By incorporating these tools, change happens quickly, often noticeable after the first session!


Working on these emotional patterns can release trauma, stress and the feeling of being unable to move forward. I’ve seen numerous examples of how quickly and effectively these techniques work in my practice. I’ve been able to help patients move even further ahead to find health on all levels: in how they see themselves and in their sense of emotional well-being, in addition to their physical health. They have been able to make immediate positive changes in their lives. It’s been quite remarkable to witness.

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