Anger From Injustice

Some things are just hard to understand… and homeopathy appears to be one of them.

Mainstream scientists and medical doctors have disparaged homeopathy since its peak of popularity around 1900. However, in the last few decades, homeopathy has grown year to year, as evidenced by the sale of homeopathic remedies which reached nearly $3 billion in the US alone in 2017. Clearly, the consumer knows something that “mainstream scientists” don’t seem to have figured out.

A few years ago, a CBC Marketplace exposé featured a “debunking” of the “quackery” behind homeopathy by having a group of volunteers ingest a full bottle of the homeopathic remedy Belladonna 30c. They did this standing in front the emergency room of a prominent Canadian hospital as the plant Belladonna is highly toxic and, taken in overdose, can cause death.  The segment was trying to prove that homeopathy is a placebo because the remedies are so diluted that there is no actual Belladonna in the remedy taken. Sure enough, the eager volunteers took all the pills in the bottle at once and hours later, were still standing in front of the hospital, healthy as ever, having taken enough Belladonna to kill them if there was “really something in those pills.”

In December, it was reported that the FDA “will step up enforcement of certain homeopathic drugs which it considers to be risky. These include drugs whose ingredients are potentially toxic or harmful.” Specifically, the agency cited Belladonna, an ingredient used in some homeopathic teething gels, which was possibly associated with seizures and deaths*.

Which is it guys?Is it a placebo because there’s nothing in the pills, or is it a toxic substance which can cause death? It can’t be both.

As quantum physics has emerged over the last few decades as the predominant explanation of how the world works, homeopathy has become easier to explain. If one is going to voice an opinion, ignorance is simply inexcusable.

Homeopathic remedies are, in fact, diluted to such a point that there areno measureable molecules of the original substance remaining in the remedies we take, using a standard spectroscope for measurement. So even though remedies are in fact made from toxic substances, such as the Belladonna plant, the process of repetitive dilution ensures that there is no chemical toxicity, NONE WHATSOEVER, in the remedies.

Yet, it’s not a placebo…. as people really do get better using homeopathy. So, how does it work?

Nanoparticles of the original substance, now measurable using using transmission electron microscopy, electron diffraction and atomic emission spectroscopy(used by quantum physicists to measure minute amounts of substances such as nanoparticles) are the “active” substance in remedies which provoke the organism to begin the healing process. Homeopathic remedies trigger the body to react using a process known as hormesis mesis is a biological phenomenon whereby a beneficial effect (improved health, stress tolerance, growth or longevity) results from exposure to low doses of an agent that is otherwise toxic when given at higher doses.

So, it is really not much of a mystery to those with the curiosity and interest to make an honest inquiry. The persistent and intentional undermining of homeopathy and all the good it does in the world, at a fraction of the cost of pharmaceutical medication, is nothing less than disgusting.

As a result, this month’s newsletter will focus on the top three remedies for anger from injustice! Suppressed emotions are at least as much a cause of illness as poor lifestyle and genetic pre-disposition. So, if you are a fan of homeopathy, likely from personal experience if you are reading this newsletter, and this subject makes your blood boil at the unfairness of it all as it does mine, knowing which remedies can help will be of great use!

Staphysagria: a remedy known to have a great deal of suppressedanger, often exhibited by throwing things, slamming the door or even punching someone if the tipping point is reached. Otherwise, the Staph patient is often seen as the nicest, most polite, respectful and generous of the group. They cannot tolerate injustice, rudeness, or disrespect, and burn inside with it. In general, they tend to be yielding and unassertive, often in order to be liked. Physically they often have problems with dairy products, tend to get sties, have a tendency to cavities, wake up groggy after a nap, and if a woman, are susceptible to bladder infections especially after sex.

Causticum: a remedy known for being overly sensitive to social injustice, particularly unfairness to animals, children or the disadvantaged. They are known to be sensitive to a draft (especially around their neck) though they feel better from cold drinks, tend to have warts, often lose urine from coughing or sneezing (particularly if a woman), often become hoarse and frequently clear their throat with a cough or cold.

Ignatia:a remedy known for its sensitivity to injustice, which manifests in anger and grief. The person needing Ignatia often sighs with the heaviness of it all. They can cry deeply and hysterically and usually don’t want to be consoled. It is especially indicated with a recent grief or disappointment.

Feeling and moving through emotions is an art, and sadly we get very little training on how to do this. It is never mentioned in school, though we memorized many dates in history class that certainly proved irrelevant to good living. And sadly, most of us had parents that could not model how to do this either (I can hear you chuckling!). Many people think that the wonderful results we have come to expect from homeopathy are limited to physical ailments, but actually homeopathy is excellent at resolving emotional trauma, depression and anxiety as well. Taking care of our emotional health and well-being is just as important, and I would even say more important, than tending to our physical ailments. I have no doubt they are related!

*Part of the FDA claim is that the teething products were poorly made and did have measurable and potentially dangerous quantities of Belladonna alkaloids in them – something that closer examination of the data found to be a false claim.  The claim of danger was tied to reports of children having febrile seizures after taking the remedy – again something the data completely failed to prove!

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