Webinar: How to Boost Your Immune System

Would you like to understand more about homeopathy and how it works? Would you like to learn how you and your family can stay healthier this winter? Join my webinar on How to Boost your Immune system and have excellent defences against the microbes that you are sure to come in contact with this winter. We will focus on diet and supplements in addition homeopathic remedies that are safe and effective for you and your kids.
Homeopathy is the favourite of many parents who want to avoid antibiotics and OTC medicines for their children, as a well-prescribed remedy can address many of the acute illnesses our children will face this winter: sore throats, colds, ear infections, coughs, flu, etc. Homeopathy is over 200 years old and is the medicine of choice in India. The British Royal family keeps a homeopathic physician on staff. And it is regaining popularity in North America.
Homeopathy can be used to treat people with a wide range of conditions: asthma, fatigue, arthritis, infertility and PCOS, warts, ADHD, eczema, menopause, teething, depression, digestive illnesses ranging from Crohn’s and colitis to IBS, anxiety…. and many more. It hasbeen used in numerous countries to prevent outbreaks of epidemics. It is commonly used in first aid, even with broken bones and head traumas. The research on homeopathy is abundant and I will share some of it with you!

The recorded webinar is available for purchase for $10

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